How Does a Zone Control System Works?

Have you ever been in a state where you were “in the zone”? Well, that’s basically how a zone control system works.  

A zone control system has 3 main components that include the thermostat, control panel and electronic damper. 

What do these components do? 

  • Thermostat: A thermostat is a component used to sense or identify the temperature in a specific area. This component is installed in a specific zone and is connected to the central control panel. 
  • Electronic Damper: An electronic damper is the responsible for control with regards to the flow of heated or cooled air in your space and is also connected to the control panel. This component will be the one that allows more air, hot or cold and also helps you maintain the different temperatures you want for the different rooms you own in your home. 
  • Control Panel: This component manages the temperature and air of an area in your home and helps regulate the quality of temperature you want. It is basically a sensing device that compares the temperature it sensed to the ideal temperature that has been set. 

If I want have this kind of system, what can I benefit from it? 

  • Perhaps the most satisfying benefit of having a zone control system is the comfort you’ll feel in your home. You won’t be worrying about certain spots in your home anymore where it’s too cold or too hot and uncomfortable and besides, your home should be the most comfortable you could be. 
  • Saving the energy you have invested is very important. Once you invest on something, it should always be something you can gain from and through a zone control system you won’t need the same energy in every space you own. A family involves more than one personality and of course, preference. Some of your sons or daughters might be someone too sensitive to cold, his/her room won’t need much energy for cooling then compared to other members of the clan.  
  • Cost efficiency should be on top of your list as well. As we say, we need to take advantage of our investments. Zone control system saves you a lot of energy compared to your traditional heating or cooling system, thus when you save energy, you definitely are sure to save some bucks! 

Having a home with a zone control system gives you control and the power to take over and give you your desired comfort. You may say that I overreact when it comes to temperature, but the hotness or the coolness of the room always gives you the mood that you need for a day to be productive. Getting this freedom to choose is a privilege and bulldog Las Vegas HVAC professionals can help you achieve this comfort domination over your home. Simply check on their site for more details and you can also book an appointment through there. If you are on a hurry and don’t have time to type on your browser, you can call them to schedule for their services through 702-509-5005. Contact them now and gain control over your comfort while getting what you deserve for your investment. 


Myths About Female Sexuality and Why They’re Wrong

Let us admit it, women are stereotyped to act in particular ways compared to men. There are a lot of things that most people do not know yet about women and their sexuality, and instead believe what and how society portrays women, which is very patriarchal and male-dominating standards and perspective.  

For instance, most males are taught that masturbation is something that only males commonly do. In fact, the whole of society is taught to think this way. This also creates a stigma for girls and women who do masturbation as frequently as boys and men do. According to the survey, only 42% of women aging 17-25 admitted that they masturbate. However, if seen from a different angle, the study shows the stigma as other female respondents chose to remain silent about their preference and masturbation while males’ respondents were free and liberated to express their masturbation activity.  

There are also other taboos that women face every day, and it is only recently that women try to express what they do more openly. It is important as more organizations and programs for women’s sexual health Carolina or other parts of the world are increasing because of such movements and appeals.  

Besides masturbation, here is the list of the common myths about female’s sexuality: 

1.Women have orgasms less frequently than men do – when it comes to males and females’ orgasms, most people tend to think a gap exists, but the truth is female also often experience orgasms as frequently as males do. The only difference is that in a relationship, males are more attentive to the sexual needs of their partners compare to their female counterparts.  

2.Women want fewer sexual partners – women are seen as naturally submissive and monogamous when it comes to having sexual partners or actual patterns, while males are seen as something opposite. On an experiment and interview did by numerous researchers. It was found out that men often have a bragging claim of wanting to have several sexual partners and/or actual partners. However, it turned out to be not more than just a bragging claim. When the appropriate statistical controls were used, it turned out that most people, including males, wanted the same number of sexual and actual partners, and that is only ONE. Men are as also as monogamous as women are.  

3.Men think about sex more often than females do – in a study published in 2011, men really admitted to always think about sex more often than women do. However, it also revealed that men think other physical needs like rest, food, and sleep. This shows that men often think about physical needs and not sex alone. It takes seeing on a different angle to see the whole picture.  

Other myths you need to stop believing: 

Women are choosier than men  

Women and men have distinct preferences based on gender 

There are still a lot of things you need to bust out when it comes to the stereotyping that we have set on the genders. After all, it as seen that men and women actually like and do the same things, and like the same preferences. We are all for equality, after all.